The Tale of the Ozark Fire Chief- Following a Story From Beginning to End

This story starts with a four-wheeler accidents and is followed up with weeks of follow up stories and a WHOLE LOT of learning in the process.

Here was my original report when this story first happened:

Ozark Fire Chief from Sarah Cantey on Vimeo.

In a small, Southern town I quickly learned that your sources (that you interact with on a day to day basis as a bureau reporter) are (for obvious reasons) very forthcoming with positive information, but not so much with the negative. I learned the importance of walking a fine line of being assertive in getting the facts (no easy task when things are “under investigation”) while not being too pushy. Also, building positive relationships with sources was key in moving forward with the story.
And then came the follow-ups…including getting my hands on (in a legal way) the dispatch radio traffic.

Ozark Fire Chief 2 from Sarah Cantey on Vimeo.

And after sitting through a total of 7 hours and 40 minutes over the span of three separate executive sessions….finally a decision was made in regards to what to do with the chief.

Ozark Fire Chief 3 from Sarah Cantey on Vimeo.

This story was the most viewed on the WTVY website. But, besides the popularity of the story, it was quite the learning experience and such a thrill to follow from beginning to end. Even though I am pretty sure this one isn’t quite over yet.

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